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My Impossible Wife



I run through the mirrors searching for a piece of you
That I can break and assemble in a shape that I desire
If I steal from you in secret your love that I don't feel
At least once your scorn will not be my failure

The chat that my mind uses to betray me
It's a crooked philosophy of the strange man that I am
Recognizing disturbances, someone made me alive

And this one rediscovered that
To her flesh continues to harden me
It's necessary what was already right
When I didn't break the foolishness' end

I left you on me in many scenes
I eat you with silence, your hot skin and cold blood
From the puppets that I command when I create the world that I own
That ain't alive, nightmares that breathe

I don't know
I swear that today, in front of your woman's mind
I will be an idiot if I assemble you alone and hidden
Instead of recognizing my lack of control over you

Stunning woman who passed and left me to drool
For something that will never be mine

Compositor: Emmanuel Mirdad

Letra enviada por Marieli Pereira

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