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Bats Over The Pacific Ocean

Jaguar Love

I got evicted from my house all my shit's on the lawn everything I've owned since I was a baby turning grey in the sun. I found a picture of my mother when she was just 17 looking wild and glamorous at a party laughing about to scream.
So I flew to Australia on a flamingo's back, the Pacific Ocean was dreaming of angels with the wings of a bat. It was six in the morning the sun was just coming up, everybody getting out of the subways going out to their jobs.

Happy new year Antoine I'm fucked up bad but I'll be fine soon I'm sure and we can run the streets and scream like jaguars, because liars own the world.

I got evicted from this song, oh my voice is deformed, exotic islands and new species of animals is all I'm writing for. I found a picture of my brother when he was just 17 jet-black hair on his first tour ever totally hung over.
So I joined the marines just to travel the world, Afghanistan was dreaming of Miss America McDonald's tits grotesque smirk.
But I still missed my hometown so I had to desert, everybody driving around in hummers pulling their parents speed boats.

Happy new year mamma the static in my head could scar that girl disfigure baby birds and maul the TV because the liars own the world.

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