Jaden Smith

Cool Tape Vol.2

[Hook: Jaden Smith]
If the party on fire then I prolly lit the match
Msfts my burr and you jokers ain't a match
Scratch, scratch, shkrr, man I call that Jazzy Jeff
'Less you with Republic, then I play you to the left

You need a disclaimer, just because these jokers famous
Doesn't mean when they get reckless that they don't be actin' brainless
You forgettin' I don't even have my license
Cops still pull a joker over cause he light skinned
I ain't really with the wifin'
I just chill with Te-o, baby don't forget the hyphen
All nightin', sight seein' errday
I buy a pair of Js just so I can scare the day away
I could care less what the sheriff say
I got a pair of shades and now I'm duckin' from the Paris maid
Probably catch me in a taxi
With some khakis and a cap, I'm tryna run so they don't catch me
Yeah, I'm tryna run so they don't catch me
And you think I got the cash on me, I'm never lookin' flashy
Dang he never lookin' flashy, rappin' circles 'round these jokers
Man you way too freakin' corny, tag a Urkel on these jokers

Man I'm trappin' like a hot boy
All my failures crush your successes
Got me flippin' like a skateboard
Get off me, I'm on that next ish

[Hook] x2


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