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Just Another Day

Jade Valerie

1st verse

Always knew there would come a day
There would come a day we'd say
Bye bye bye
Now summer's gone and life moves on
And we're too old to
Cry cry cry
So hum a tune for me and you, don't make it blue asking
Why why why
Let me see you smile, for awhile, for one more mile just try
To sing for me
Won't you play for me
Just sing for me
Won't you play for me


Just another day
Just another day
Another name i'll say
Not over, but it's over anyway

2nd verse

Some may say, some may say it was a big mistake for me to
Go go go
Bu i am water, life is rock, gotta find a way to
Flow flow flow
The road i chose, the road i chose, only god will know where it
Goes goes goes

Oooohhh sing for me


3rd verse

May your dreams be big, and your problems small
And when the bad days come i hope you
Fight fight fight
I hope you dance, i hope you love, i hope you live in the
Light light light
I won't forget, how could i forget the way you look it makes me
Shine shine shine

Oooohhh sing for me


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