Jade Valerie

Goodbye, goodbye
You're looking in my eyes
and still you don't know how to say my name
Goodbye, goodbye
Nothing has changed
and still I know I'll never be the same

If God is watching us
Has he gone silent?
Could we take what he would say?
Are we even listening at all?

Goodbye, goodbye
Another concrete jungle
Too many lions trying to survive
Goodbye, goodbye
We want it all
but no one wants to have to pay the price

If God is watching us
Shouldn't he be angry
for blaming him and not ourselves?
Are we even sorry?

Goodbye, goodbye
I guess we deserve
the beds that we're sleeping in tonight
Goodbye, goodbye
All these shades of grey
we've painted it all black instead of white

Is God is watching us
Maybe is praying
That we could see it thru his eyes
And finally know what peace is

(Do we care, de we really, really catr, do we care)

I'll never be a perfect angel
I'll never know exactly what to say
I'll never be God's purity
I'll fuck it up a thousand different ways
But I'm the bravest of the weak
And I'm your suicidal queen
I cheat, I love, I drink
But I'm the sweetest of the mean
I wanna slash my wrists and watch them bleed
But I know God's watching

If God is watching us
Will he forgive me?
And let me forgive myself?
Because maybe then I'll love 'me'

Tell what to do to finally feel good enough
I know you're watching

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