Jade Harell

Even though there’s rain (I wanna talk to you)
Even though there’s pain (Giving all I’ve got to you)
Don’t be afraid to let go because God is in the rain
Still stickin' with you when the sun don’t shine
Lookin' past the clouds and it’s me you’ll find
I see you when you cry, let me wipe your eye
Tears running down my face
Can’t believe she left this place
She was all I had and I’m trying not to be mad
Why’d it have to be her?
Lord, didn’t you care for her?
But I see your face and now I know you’re there
So when you hear the rain come
Girl let go let go
He’ll put you back together
Like Lego Lego
The situation put you go slow
But you can rise from Below
So you know you must hope for the best
But prepare for the worst
And you know u must seek him first
For him alone you must hunger and thirst
Now sing the chorus and verse

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