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Only Human

Jade Harell

Only human with the world on my back
But still, I’m super cause I can totally handle that
No I don’t do everything right the first time, but who does?
Just like everyone else, looking for someone to love
Oh, no I don’t wanna be on top of the world
Oh, no cause it’s a really long way to fall
Oh, no I don’t wanna have the world in my hands cause I’m only
human and there’s nothing wrong with that
Give you my freedom, give you everything I own
To live in your limelight and try to be someone I’m not
Have a house on a hill, a few cars to drive by myself
And when the world’s done with me, they’ll be looking for
someone else
Do you believe in what I believe in?
Do you believe in a place called Heaven?
I’m gonna get there one day wait and see
With open arms he’s gonna welcome me

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