Jade Harell

Broken on the inside and out, can you feel it? Hear me screaming out loud
My mouth is shut but my heart says it loud and clear
Come fix me, come fix me

I can hear it in my head while I?m sleeping
In the nighttime while everybody?s creeping
I?m sitting home, wondering why I?m all alone,
But the answer?s already in my heart

Do you know how it feels to be broken,
So many things that you left unspoken
Inside, I?m all cried out, in this big ole house, Got to let it out, got to let it out

And my heart hurts, for no reason at all,
It?s depression
Got me backed in a wall
My mouth is shut, but my heart says it loud and clear

I?m hurting, hurting
Wanna talk about it, but I don?t know how
Fronting like I got it all together but now,
Don?t wanna be this way any longer

Come rescue me, God rescue me
God, reach inside of me
I?m tired of being so lonely
Take this pain away, I need a brighter day
Heaven won't you hear my plea

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