You and I

Jacob Caraballo

Tell the sun to stop playing games
Youre the only one I see when skies are gray
Tell the moon to stop hiding at night
Its only you and I tonight and the stars in your eyes

And I will see you in the darkest night
And we will be together my love
No one will break us
No one will take us for granted
For whom we are, for what weve done
Just you and I, you and I

And I will place a flower in your hair
And kiss youre lips and we will go wherever
Wherever the sun shines
As long as youll stay mine
Just you and I, just you and I

Look at me and you will see im in love
The butterflies are flying
And baby you know im trying to stay above, above
Above, above is where youve taken me
And baby youre the only
The only one who makes me feel free

Ask the stars why they dance when we kiss
When we hold hands, when we cuddle, its all ive ever wished for
Im so far, lost in your eyes
Youre my sweetheart, beautiful,
my cupcake, pumpkin, everything in my life

No one will ever change me
Only a fool would break such love, our love
So, hold tight and never wake me
In this dream take off and make me yours, so yours

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