Live Again

Jacob Caraballo

Oh, to the woman with a gun in her hand
To that man whos bout to give it all away
To the girl who thinks nobody cares
To that boy who says I dont wanna live another day

Oh, to that family whos facing heartache and depression
To the couple whos everyday in life is stressing
To every relationship that god has preordained
The holy spirit says get up, walk and live again

Oh, to that teen who says the temptation is too hard to bear
To the sinner, to the believers who just dont care
To every atheist and those who choose to not believe
The holy spirit says the time has come to come to me

To every sickness and every burden I call you out by name
Every spirit of infirmity must go away
And to satan, I speak to you, loud, that you may hear
Out in the name of jesus, get out of here

And to every political leader, every pastor,
Those in high position
Those who are unfaithful to their
Words and those in opposition
And to every liar, who wants to be taken higher
God says I will bring you down, you will be dirt for the fire

Oh, to everybody whos suffering
To every one whos giving up on life
Theres another chance, another way
Dont give up, god is by your side

Just live, get up and live again
Know that hell hold your hand

Pour out your fire
Pour out your fire
Pour out your fire over us

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