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Don't Let Me Love You

Jackie Lawson

If I really make you happy...why do you look at her like that ?
If she's just old news to you,why do you keep on going back?


I know we've got a chance...you don't love someone else.
I'm tired of lying to myself....


Don't let me love you;
You're gonna make a bigger mess;
Don't try to hold me;
When I'm pounding on your chest,
Don't wrap your arms around me;
Tell me it's gonna be alright...oh
Don't let me love you,
If I can't make you mine.

Your hands moves quicker than I remember,
Somewhow you know just what to do.
But this anger darling,It's all I've got to hold on to.

Bridge :

I never understand,chances that we take;
I think I made a big mistake...

Chorus repeat

You don't wanna hurt me;
And I don't wanna cry;
There's no such thing as a painless goodbye....

Oh ohhhhh oh ...

Chorus repeat (2x)

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