Jack Johnson

Sleep Through The Static

Your voice is adrift,
I can't expect it, to sing to me
As if I was the only one.

I'll follow you,
a leaf that's following the sun
When will my way be too much for you?
when will these ideas really be my own?
Cause this moment keeps on moving,
we were never meant to hold on

This was a scene worth waking up for,
when I woke up
you planted me in my own park
Don't know why,
but somehow it just feels so wrong

When you said I would be lonely,
but when you rise again i'll have become the sun
I will shine down upon you,
as if you were the only one

Your voice is your own I can't protect it
You'll have to sing
A verse no one has ever known

Don't be afraid,
Cause no one ever sings alone
Your way will never be too much for me,
your ideas have always been your own,
and this moment keeps on moving
we were never meant to hold on

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