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Jack Harlow

Thats What They All Say


The ones that hate me the most look just like me
You tell me what that means
Make a slick comment and see what that brings
I seen it go down, we can reenact things
Extreme like Dmx sing
These boys pussy and their Pmsing
People in the city see the movement occurring
And say, "My God, I wanna be in that scene"
Damn right, you wanna be in this scene
She had the video tryna be in this scene
Used to fantasize 'bout bein' in this scene
Blue grass girl but she got big dreams
Can't touch me, I got instincts
Locked in the house but I'm plottin' things
I brought a gang to the party with me
Five white boys but they not Nsync
Fuck what y'all think
Fuck everything that you say about me
My dawgs like to play Madden and 2k
But one thing they don't do is play about me
My homeboy Tyler, he play in South Beach
He told me this summer he gon' fix my jumper
I told Boi-1da that we might got a thumper
I been tryna pop, now I'm on like Shumpert
Now they on my bumper
Green room chock full of all my comforts
Hotel room like Heaven on Earth
Got angels in my bed with some all white covers
H-Pro, Nemo, Lucci and Queso, Slupe, Clay, Two-four
And I got a few more, I call my brothers
I got a lot of flows and they all like butter, ooh
You know what that means
I came home nice but I'm goin' back mean
I'm 'bout to glow with trap when they know a vaccine
Muhfuckers act lost but they know exactly what's goin' on
Made a mil' and I don't know what to blow it on
I tell the critic, "Shut up" like my show is on
Givin' T-shirts to a set, throw it on
She want a mini high school, classmates, I'm growin' on
My peers ain't poppin', they don't know what's goin' wrong
Y'all well dressed but you ain't got soul and you just can sow it on
I'm tryna tell y'all boys, I got a few songs I could sell y'all boys
I tried it back then it was "Hell nah, boy"
Now I'm in the box like a Kellogg's toy
To Hell with y'all boys

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