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Thru The Night (feat. Bryson Tiller)

Jack Harlow

Thru the night
She just want the tip, no advice
On the side of the road, what's the risk?
Roll the diceif the catch us
I don't care 'cause we all gon' die (Yeah, yeah)
Yeah, we all gon' die
I was worried, to be honest, but it's all goin' right
When I first laid eyes, I was awfully enticed
And I might be off something, but I'm all in now
She gotta call in now
I don't think that you should work tomorrow
She said, "First of all
I'm still goin' in, " like Rich Homie Quan
But with you and me, God, man, it feels so intense
I already seen that movie but I will go again with you
I got a few I been tending to
But tonight, I forgot all about 'em

Thru the night
I would try to get it tonight
Yeah, the phone one my head like, "You better do it right"
I'm alone in the bed yeah, I know what you said
Better cope with it
Don't take me for a joke
and I won't get a friend that's trynna be more than that
I'm convinced that it's for the day
When I seen you in the pics, I could tell you was forcin' that
I got time for this
Minus the bullshit, I'm cool now, look at my common sense
And I'm just realizing this
Know my soul isn't trapped
But what's holding me back is the old me, in fact
I'ma get intact, I'ma get it back
Mama, hold me to that
Just, just, just hold me to that
On stack, me and Jack got the city on smack
That's word, huh, that's words
Used to catch 18 all the way to Newburg
It was only me and her, I don't care what you heard
Only me and her, I don't care what you heard
Got a Southern accent, she'll slur a few words
That's virtue, sir, let me share a few words
Hey, let me share a few words
Feeling unappreciated, let me cherish you first yeah

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