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Baxter Avenue

Jack Harlow

Thats What They All Say

My dad built houses
My mom painted pictures
They both gave it up
Once I came into the picture
Me, I'm like them
Just a fifty-fifty mixture
My mom rode horses
She wish I had a sister

I prefer the pen to a hammer or a brush
But I build things up
And my imagery is lush
I used to play soccer
But I never had the touch
Basketball, too
But I ain't love it that much

Much of my time's spent looking for a rush
Tryna find something to afford me that feeling
I fall in love with girls
'Cause they physically appealing
A couple weeks pass
And the convos hit a ceiling

I've smoked a few blunts
Cookies and Runtz
Gotten high enough to know it isn't what I want
Met the celebrities
Seen through the fronts
Dated one girl and I've seen two at once

I ain't upset to be inside for some months
And get back in touch with the person that I was
Know I've given too much of my time to the chase
Tryna get in touch with a person that I lust so

This the perfect time to hang it up
Used to sleep until noon
Now at nine I'm waking up
More time that I'm inside then the less I want to talk
I don't wanna Facetime
I ain't tryna say what's up
Careful with the ways that my time is taken up
Bunch of geeks tryna take the shine away from us
Reaching for critiques and they tryna say I suck
Got me reminiscing back to a time I gave a

But my skin's gotten thick since then
And my high school crush has done the same thing
So when this blows over and I'm back home
I'ma tell her that I'm really done playing games

Seven figures in my bank statements
Seven fellas that I'm staying on the same page with
We've been shooting for the stars
and our aim's dangerous
Hasn't been a single thing that the gang can't get

My main thing shall remain nameless
Know they ask about her often, but I ain't saying shit
There's a level of discretion that I'm maintaining
She don't understand it but she ain't famous
We gon' see who's still around once the game changes
She's a business woman but I got her playing favorites
You ain't rooting for me then I gotta make changes
Ex girls watching with a lot of fake pages
(A lot of fake pages)
My Og showed me what a plain jane is
And a bust down is
Now I got a hankering to spend a few thousand
Ky used to take me up to Icebox
when he'd get his jewelry cleaned
They would ask if they could help me
and I say "I'm just browsing"
Woyne worked at Enterprise, rentals discounted
Ville to the A and back
we was putting miles in

Always wondered to myself
If I could really be the leader
of a group of brown skinned boys
When I'm not brown skinned
Certain things they grew up on
that they get but I don't get
Differences in how we raised
make me feel like I don't fit
Not to mention the distance
between our parents' houses
Share some money with 'em
so they know I care about 'em
I'm tryna to do it right and figure
what a fair amount is
But I fantasize 'bout a day
that we all swimming in it
No contracts and we independent
Stay close, never start a convo
with "It's a been a minute"
'Cause it never will be, end of sentence

Nemo, that's my right hand
Guides me through my indecisions
Vodka in my left hand, takes away my inhibitions
Way too gone but I'm waking up in mint condition
Ready for whatever, got the troops with me
In position

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