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Too Late For Me

Jack Anthony

Waking up today my throat was feeling sore
And i know what i wanted to say
But its not last night no more
Next time i'll make it up to you
The phone will ring real soon and you'll bring me
Right back up again
Every day right around noon
But tonight it'll happen again
But i promise i still wont say a word

Its times like this i just wanna go draw a little blood yeah break his face and drag his body miles in the mud, take a shovel make his smile even brighter than it was, all this pain inside my head is aching just because

I wanna be the only one that you see, way too late for me i'm too damn far from where i wanna be

Taking time away to go and spend time with him
And i try to make you stay
For some reason my chance is looking grim
But i know you'll come back to me soon
And i'll wait as long as it takes
Just sitting here on this couch
And i'll turn the other way
And pray i never find out that my fears
Have turned out to be true

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