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Up Against The Wall

J Rand

Shawty was good now was happy
Faddy your team and seated to the captain
Baby what you drink it any bag around
Tell what it is baby holla at me now
Say she know it's how just moved out
Tryin to find a man that could
Show the girl around
Baby girl I go you what you wanna do
Wanna wanna all we can get up with the crew

Damn you're looking good, my shawty so fly
If I pull you on the dance floor
Baby don't be acting shy
Girl I love the way you move
And I'm feeling the way you grind
How I pull you a little closer
And grab your waste from behind
She back me up slowly
Put it on me like she know me
You say you be the baddest
Baby come above and show me
She got me up against the wall x 4
Oh up against the wall
She got me up against the wall x 3
She got me up against the...
Up against the wall

Baby you're tryin to take you home
Get you all alone, king of the mission
I'ma try to turn you on
Shots of patron got me in the zone
Shawty so bad that I wish she had a...
Try to hear you moan six in the morn
I can be your king baby I'm upon the throne
Every back ground skip all the playin
Whisper in my ear shawty then you hear me sayin

And we go hot, and we won't stop
You'll be on Patron and
I'll be some rock
Let me work the middle
Baby show me what you got
Let me, let me work the
Middle baby show me what you got

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