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Intro (THE GOAT)

J Hus

They know I'm a G. O. A. T
they know I'm a dog, they know I'm a thug
If I got my nose in your business, you know it's a snub
My bredrin bang it for me, I call that love
We grew up rough, had to carry stuff
Nearly broke down, had enough
My third day in the jailhouse, I got rushed
Had to hold an L, next day in the holding cell
caught a pussy, got his head bust
Astaghfirullah, niggas tried me in the mosque
Ask them pussy boys, man, they know that I'm tough
You know I get busy
Touch road, shut down the O2 with Drizzy
Baby girl miss me
I wanna feel the usna, I never use a jimmy
Suck me on a semi, automatic
My bredrin's carryin' 'cause I can't afford to have it
But when it's time for action, feel like I'm born to bang it

Ayy, Hus, what you sayin'? You good?
Wherе's your mind at? Do you know who you are?
Do you know what you are?
You know I know the rеal you, innit?
Show them who you are
The one I know before the music
Behind the cameras, behind the scenes
Don't forget why you started this
Fuck what everyone's sayin'
How do you feel about yourself?
Mentally, physically, spiritually?
You're a fuckin' G. O. A. T. , you're a fuckin' dog
even God knows
When you put that ting in the man's face
What was it? A snub nose?

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