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Note to Self

J. Cole

Forest Hills Drive

And wherever we go
And whatever we do
And whatever we see
And whoever we be
It don't matter
It don't matter
I don't mind cause you don't matter
I don't mind cause I don't matter
(And don't shit matter)
You'll see in the end

I've got a feeling that there's somethin' more
Something that holds us together
Something that holds us together
The strangest feeling but I can't be sure
Something that's old as forever
Something that's old as forever

And wherever we go
And whatever we do
And whatever we see
And whoever we be
It don't matter
It don't matter
I don't mind cause you don't matter
I don't mind cause I don't matter
(And don't shit matter)
You'll see in the end

Yeah nigga, Forest Hills Drive. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
That's it
We made it, baby! As we speak the last sample just cleared
Thank you to whoever in Japan, just cleared that shit
Turn my vocal up and turn the headphones down a little bit
I gotta do my thank you's man
I didn't have enough time to turn my thank you's for the artwork
So fuck it
I'mma do it right now

This is the credits. This is role credits nigga
If you don't wanna sit through the credits get your ass up and
Walk out the movie theatre
First and foremost my entire Dreamville team, thank you man
Before that I'm buggin, thank you God! Oh my God
Everything happened too perfectly and in line, this whole thing

Thank you God. Thank my Dreamville family
Mez who fuckin' sleep right now, that
Nigga ain't even recording this thing right now
Nigga's been working' hard man, Mez I'm proud as fuck of you man
For real you killed this shit. Ib what up. El Presidente what up!
We killed this shit nigga, we killed this shit nigga!
I don't give a fuck if we sell 3 copies nigga, we killed this shit nigga!

My nigga Adam, I'm proud of y'all man, for real
Ron Gilmore, my nigga
Yes, Camille, yes that's my sister
Casey, that's like a father figure right there, Casey
My brother Ced, wow, we done came a long way from the Ville
My nigga Gray Street
My nigga Felton, you killed it, you killed that Friday Night Lights
Shit nigga
And you killed this one too man. I shoulda been coming to you man
You only do the classics though, that's what it is, for real
My nigga Mike Shaw shiggity, you already know
Where he at right now posted up somewhere in D. R
My nigga Rj Trump Trump gettin' that motherfuckin' bread
You know what it is man
My nigga Diz, I see you
I see your vision, I believe in you. I love y'all niggas
Big D, thank you man for real. (Teddy what up) (Shotgun)
We believe in y'all, (Proof!) you and the fiends
My nigga Bassy Badass, Bas, Bas, Bas, I can't believe it nigga!
(Marquis Jones) You changed your life, man, keep goin'. Keep goin'
the sky is the limit. Fuck that, man, Super Mooking Fiends
It's Super Mooking Fiends nigga!

My nigga Depp, you know what I mean?
Razzle Dazzle, Elite, Elite, Elite, Elite what up!
What up man, my nigga Reagan put in them hours!
My nigga Omen, man, Elephant Eyes, that shit is a
Confirmed classic, man
Dreamville, we only did confirmed classics so far
That's all we doin'. Yo Elijah! Aye if we go diamond
Nigga you got the triple crown, man. First 50, then Usher
Nigga you fuckin' out of here. But we might go wood though
Nervous Wreck, man, congratulations to you, brother, I love you
(At least go silver) Filthy, I love you too, man
I know you feel a way about me right now but I love you
Yo shout to the young niggas, man
Forreal, we blessed to have y'all on board, man, we feel so grateful

Cozz, that Cozz and Effect is a mothafuckin' classic, nigga
I be ridin' my bike through Manhattan listenin' to that shit, man
I've been livin' with that shit for like the past 4 days
I finally got a chance to slow down
That shit is a classic, my nigga
Congratulations to you. We don't give a fuck what it sold
I don't even know what that shit sold to tell you the truth, man
And I'm proud of you, man. I'm proud of you and your homeboys
Y'all it's really gon' be great to watch y'all grow
I'm appreciatin' watchin' y'all grow more than we did!
I get to relive it all again and actually appreciate it this time
Shout out to the whole committee, man. Tone, Meez, what up
My nigga Money Makin Matt, what up man? Treat them boys right

Everybody that was involved in makin' this album, my nigga Jack
Who's at the board right now, what's up man!
Yo you made the album, man! We gon' live forever, man!
You gotta loop the beat up right now though cause it can't
Okay Raff, Rugged Raff, Perfect Sound Studios
La we couldn't have did it without you
My nigga Dave Linaburg, Nate Jones, Yolanda, Ts, Kaye Fox
Came through and killed it. My nigga Quick with the clean versions
Vinylz killed that beat! My nigga Phonix, oh that beat is hard!
Dahi brought that beat, who does that?
Pop & Oak, my nigga Pop, thank you man, and Willie B
I never met you but you did the beat. ! llmind you killed the beat
Social Experiment, my nigga Jeff on the guitar
You know what I mean? Nuno did the mothafuckin' strings
I appreciate that shit, man! We gon' pay you
Hey, the horn players that came through
I don't know y'all names but y'all killed that shit, man
We was lovin' that shit! Shout out to all the girls on the mothafuckin' strings
We appreciate it. Guess that shit a little wild, I ain't gon' lie
Uh, maybe that was my fault, I set y'all up with Rugged Raff
But it's all good, we still killed it though
And all the mothafuckin' samples that cleared, thank you
Y'all be tryin' to give a nigga a hard time on the samples, man!
I'ma go to the fuckin' Supreme Court and try to make this shit
Easier for niggas like me to clear these samples, man
If you made the fuckin' music, and you made the art
And you put it into the world, I should be able to use it
However the fuck I want. I'ma pay you
I'ma give you a percentage
But you shouldn't be able to tell me I can't use it
Ya, that's fuckin'... that's fucked up nigga
You was inspired by the world allow the world to be inspired
By your shit, and to use your shit
So all them people like [?] or whoever that don't let niggas
Use they shit, fuck that man
It's 2014, 2015 by the time you might hear this shit
Fuck that man we movin' on

Man, shout out Drizzy Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Wale
I'm so happy to be peers with y'all niggas and consider y'all niggas
Friends. And I'm sorry I had to come snatch the crown right quick
I had to do it to show niggas it ain't no more motherfuckin' crowns
Man. We gotta be the example, we gotta show these niggas man
It's love at the top. Can't you believe
It's crazy to believe we sitting right here in these mother fuckin'
Seats right now. 15 years ago we was lookin' at these niggas like
"man we gotta be these niggas! "
Now we those niggas, but it's our responsibility to show
These niggas man it's love up here. Niggas want beef, niggas want
Drama, fuck that we comin' together

Shout out to everybody in Ferguson right now still ridin', still ridin'
Everybody else asleep, y'all still ridin'
And it's bigger than Ferguson, man that shit is fuckin'
Nationwide man. We gotta come together, look at each other
Love each other. We share a common story nigga that's pain
Struggle. And guess what man, we can come together
And that's one things that's gon' do it, that's love
I'm just telling y'all, that's a Public Service Announcement

Back to this shit, yo. Bystorm, I love y'all niggas man
No matter what. Wayne, Just, Mk thank you man you came
On board and killed it. Natalya, what's up!

My nigga Julius Garcia, I already shouted you out but
I shouted out your alias and I just put your whole government
On record and this gon' live forever. Tisha, Tisha, you know
I love you Tisha!

Future the Prince, thank you for those conversations man I needed
That. Roc Nation daamnn, we feel like a family now man, forreal
It was always family but it's so ill to see us come together
on this album, thank y'all very much man
Thank y'all for believing, I know this is a scary idea, I don't know
If it's gonna work or not, as I speak, I don't gave a fuck!
Fuck man, I'm just happy we did this shit
Shout out to Nelly, Ted, Christina, Chaka I love you
Jeff what up, Jay-Z, Hov, holla! Jake Brown what up!
Rich Climate, Tata, my nigga Emory, you know what it is

Shout out to Interscope. Yeah, Joey I. E, 'preciate you, Janet
Gary, Steve Berman, yeah. Columbia, we love y'all man, damn
I'm runnin out of breath and shit. I
I'm sad this is my last album with Columbia
It's not my fault it's all contractual, but I love the fuck out of y'all
We made relationships there that ain't never going away
(Lisa Wiggins!) . Ain't never know what the future holds man
We hope we can do business some day
April, thank you very much my baby
Ayelet, you are a legend, we fuckin' love you

Cj same to you man, y'all been killin' this shit for years
Thank you man, thank you. Rob Stringer, thank you sir
Joe [?] , yes sir. The whole sales team, production, marketing team
My man B Nolan who drove us around in a fuckin' van and a Suv
And showed us all about the radio game, man
And we ain't had no hits, all we had was fuckin' "Who Dat. "
Tryin' figure this shit out man and I figured it out
B Nolan I finally figured it out. I know you like
"damn this nigga talking to me"
I'm talking to you man
Cause you used to hear us stressin' over this shit
And I finally figured it out man
Don't none of that shit matter yo
I came all this way, all the way from Fayetteville, North Carolina
Went to New York City got this motherfuckin' record deal
Put out some classics, put out some singles
Had my ups, had my downs
Came all this way just to learn one thing man, and only one fuckin'
Thing matters and that's your happiness
And the only way you gon' get to that happiness is through love
Real, geniuine, motherfuckin' love man
Not the fake shit, not the Hollywood shit
Not the niggas giving you props so you think you the shit
Not motherfuckers knowing you so you think you famous
Not niggas seeing your whip and they want your whip so you feel
Good cause they want your whip
Or they want your bitch, so you feel better, fuck that, real love
Where your crib is at nigga where your heart is at
Where your home is at, where your mom is at, where your girl is at

Mimi what up! I'm fuckin' up my words, I don't care
How am I not gon' shout out Mimi man
Fuck that shit keep the tape rollin'. We still goin'
Wassup man! Forest Hills Drive we gon' do this shit
If you ain't listening to this shit, I don't give a fuck
Nigga it's the fuckin' credits
Don't nobody stay for the movie credits anyway man

My Mama OOh, I love you!
I'm so grateful, blessed to have you
Still in my life, a lot of people ain't got their mothers in they
Life still and I recognise that I'm blessed
Mama I love you. Zach I love you
My pops I love you. James Cole I love you, Jackie I love ya
My whole family I love ya
I'm so grateful man, thank y'all. It all came full circle and
I had to put this shit out in 2014. We barely made, yo
Ib we barely made it nigga
We barely fuckin' made it but we fuckin' made it man
Fuck y'all, but I love y'all at the same time man

Man look, y'all really wanna know who did it?
I'mma tell y'all who did this shit man
Man, Dale Earnhardt jr dawg
I'm never gon' forget, this is gonna sound crazy but
I'm never gonna forget that shit you told me yo
Forreal Dale Earnhardt jr man, thank you dawg
From the bottom of my heart
That shit you said to me changed my life man
And I ain't never gon' forget, ever forreal
For real Dale, form me to you, you my nigga man, forreal
I love you boy. And Jonah! Oh Jonah Hill! How could I forget
Jonah Hill! Yo, that shit you told me when we was in the elevator
Nigga that shit changed my
I'm just fuckin' playin', I don't know either one of those two dudes
I don't know either one of them niggas, I was in the moment
I just lied, I don't give a fuck
2014 Forest Hills Drive. Cole World man
Thank y'all for listening
If you made it this far then I really fuck with you
Until the next time, I don't know when that's gonna be but
One love baby!


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