J. Blackfoot

Man, man, what time is it
Man, I gotta hurry up and get there
I don't see no cabs nowhere
Yeah, there's one over there

Taxi, take me to
The other side of town
Just as fast as you can
Taxi, before my lady put me down

Please won't you hurry
Can't you see she's got me worried
I don't wanna lose her love
I don't wanna lose her

The crosstown is too slow
Hitchhiking is a no-no
She's all I'm thinking of
All I'm thinking of

Taxi, I've got some
Patching up to do
Yes, I have now
Taxi, like a fool
I broke her heart in two
Sure didn't mean to do it now

So start your meter running
And get your engine humming
I just wanna see her
Just wanna see her

With the pedal to the metal
There's this matter I've got to settle
I decieved her and oh
I know it grieves her, taxi

La da da da......
La da da da......

Taxi, take me to my baby's place
Just as fast as you can
Taxi, don't get me there too late
Sure don't wanna lose her

Compositor: Homer Banks/charles Brooks

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