Wall Mart

J Bigga

Your gunna see hecka many weird freaks
Erry day of the week at tha wall mart
Your gunna see hecka-fied many weird doods
Erry time u go to wall mart

Attention wall mart shoppers
We have a strict no loitering polocy
So if ur gunna hang out here for like five days straight
Then do it out front the store not in the isle way

If your in wall mart on a friday nite
Look out for weirdoes speed freaks and tha like
They really dig the mcdonalds
And they love the neon lights
Your gunna see some hary transvestites
Shoppin for bikes at the wall mart

Mexican families wearin their jammies
Bringin their grammies to wall mart
Pre-teen hoochies showin their kooshies
Lookin for movies at the wall mart

Attention wall mart shopper
Today's special is a cow bell!
(uhh yeah feel the funk ya'll)
(uh hu uhh yeah wall mart)

It started by the ice cream
And it left a trail
Two naked mexican babies in a cart
Takin a leak at the wall mart

Your gona see some crazy weird freaks
Every day of the week at the wall mart
Crazy wierd guys with bugged out eyes
Tryin to talk to you in line at the wall mart

If you need groceries
Draino pets and potpori
And your on meth amphetamines
In the middle of the night
If cowboy hats and peed in pants
Is what u wear to shop for plants
You'll fit in fine
In front of me in line

Uhh excuse me miss can you help me find
(lo seeento no habla englais)
What no i just need uhh i need help
(uno momento sinyor)
Ahh forget it

Never go to the rest room
You will really regret it
Stay away from the wall mart bathroom
You will never forget it

There's a man in hight heeled clown shoes
Touchin himself on his
That part
He's lickin his lips and he's eatin some chips
And he wants to make out in the wall mart
How come nasty wierdo freaks seem to think wall mart is a gay bar?

U smell like cherieos and you weigh 800 lbs
(yeah you kno who u r!)
Using one of those ellectric carts to get around
(c'mon man!)
I know a real neat place you can spend all day just tootin around
(hay ever heard of feet!)
Then you can clog the line
and then moan and whine about the price
at the wall mart

It's really someting all the crazp that you'll see at a wall mart
It's the latest, it's the greatest
crazy wierd freaks at a wall mart
Attention wall mart shopper
today's special is a cowbell

uhh waaaaaw
feel the funk y'all
do da da da
wall mart
do do da waoooww
j bigga
feel the funk y'all
j bigga
wall mart

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