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I Did Your Daughter

J Bigga


I did ur daughter
it was great
me and ur little tramp daughter
stayed up way to late

she said no one ever made her
feel that way

i was tha v v verry first to ever DO IT
That way
she had a curfiew
i made her late
i did your daughter
it was great

if all she said is \"i'm leavin\"
where do you think she's at this evening?

I did your daughter
earlier today

i did your daughter
in the bed that you made

we both got high
on the money you make

i did your daughter
while you were away

did you kno your daughter
is my personal slave

i did ur daughther
just yesterday

u told her no
but she did it anyway

i got your daughter
and she got laid

at the sho did u kno that girl was all tha rage
(all tha rage)
no clothes no one knows how that girl got on stage.
( got on stage )

she got her picture in the paper

and it it later got our manager fired

but i really can't hate her
she was just freak dancin on the amplifier!

you wonder where did she go?
she's chillin with us at the show

she's in some very good hands
kickin it with J and tha band

i did ur daughter
after u went away

i did your daughter
don't mind the stain

how could you complain about your daughters grades?

i did your daughter and she got an \"A\"

i did your daughter after class today

she missed ur call
cos she was screamin my name

i'm doin your daughter,
she'll be home late!

i did your daughter on ther very first date
i did your daughter on ther very first date
i did your daughter on ther very first date
i did your daughter on ther very first date

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