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Ancient Warrior


There's no end, there's no beginning
To the old man's story
Does he still remember me
From lives gone by
Oh i see his spirit rising
Upon the back of time
I've got nowhere to hide
Will he keep a place for me

He is the king of all kings
The keeper of light
He holds eternity's wings

In his eyes an ocean's burning
Swollen seat of tears
Troubled mind the beating
War drums in his ears
No one ever hears his warning
Am I the one he calls
When they tell me they're afraid
Some say'ill be put away

My blood will spill my blood

My blood will spill my blodd

In the wisdom of the prophets
Never ending tale
Open up the eyes
Within your mind, he says
Crowned in his ancient glory
There's a king withing us all
Some will say it's all in vain
That he doesn't have a name


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