All that I see
Show me your ways
Teach me to meet my desires
with some grace

All that I fear
Don't turn away
And leave me to plead in this whole other place
'Cause what if I never break?

Won't you take me
Far away
Far away

All that I seek
Please police me
I want you to police me
But keep it clean

Now that you've been mine, babe
Now let's kick them awake (that's why I hold you)
Strong as you seem
Old as you behave (that's why I hold you)
You'll always obey (that's why I hold you)

All that I feel
Capital ways
Teach me to grieve and conspire
with my age

All that I can see
Domestic spree
A seething routine I could never navigate
Maybe I like to stray

No harm it seems to be less free
Not today
It's like you want it that way

All that I see
is peaceful eyes
Drawn away from me
Drawn away from me

We'd like to take the signs (that's why I hold you)
And bring silence in disguise (that's why I hold you)
We'd like to meet the guides
(that's why I hold you)
That is all in your own life

That's why I hold you
That's why I hold you
That's why I hold you
That's why I hold you
That is why I hold you here

Compositor: Paul Banks

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