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Daughter Of The Moon


Trail amidst the snow-clad trees, winding is the way

Sunless is the path we roam, bitter is the air we breathe

Fell is the icy blast, coming from the hills

Blowing through my ailing heart, wailing in the emptiness inside

Vanished is the light we had, hidden deep in rimy soil

Bereft of us the one we cherished, lost for ever our love

Still at night I see her figure

Flickering on moonlit glades

But passing is the hope she's giving

Just a faintest breath of air and she's gone again

The clouds are moving heavily, across the livid sky

Yonder the hues are darkening, slowly turning grey to black

For the two who stray in dusk, all hope is long since gone

Cruel is the winter's reign, merciless the grasp of despair

For what mirth there is left in life for a motherless son

What solace in this world for a widower to find

Slender the shape in night, unbearable the beauty

Shining in the silvery light, watching me with wistful eyes

Evanescent this vision, unattainable this illusion

But an image in my troubled dreams, hewn out of yearning and rue

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