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We Did Not Come To Heal


Bound by the flesh Restricted by the mortals Merged in my heart This fate is sealed We did not come to heal Your endless self deceit Misery and your companion Misguided, emotional distress I am not reflecting in the mirror I'm not the answer to your lie I am, but me My belief is who I am
My eyes do not move My breath does not breathe My words do not reach I did not come to heal In evil rewind
Received through the sign When rejected on earth as in heaven The outcast/exile We do not come to heal The scar made by god Open soul dissection Last incision - is all your own blood We did not come to heal Your nail-driven soul Your self-pity, embodied When incised, it's all rotten I breathe on This is unavoidable I breathe on Well go on It is perpetual This won't stop

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