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The Imminent Vision


Splendour, from darkness thick as blood Tentacles unfold, and I endure (the pain) Is this real?! Tries to grasp the sight by hand In a pending state of consciousness I am splendour, I am the highest form The spear of flesh, penetrating, consuming this world I am the conqueror, I am all Sublime though Darkness in a different colour I am the creator I built this world I am your saviour
I plan the path of which to walk In this world of satan, the god with a thousand names In the opposite of our world I transcend into the mind I wear the mask of death Oblivious to life itself In this world of power Direct and undisputed dominance Imminent vision!! I hear I see and therefore unfold! As
I plunge into the depths. All life ends A catatonic state of mind, as the host of my body descends There is nothing There is everything There is splendors There is

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