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The Foul Smell Of Humans


I choke on words I can't express this nothingness The one from within carves my soul eaten from inside My speech is numb They seem to hear me Still words are lost Robber of thoughts They all are deaf I see through flesh Every inch every fucking particle Just empty shells, human waste Their meaningless exposed There's something wrong inside Faces go pale and the feelings subside I cannot see you here The doors wide open but still I'm blind
Burnt up inside Breathing through a hole in my prison cell You smell so foul Within your picture perfect world
You speak so loud Still your meaning rot away You are so weak In your picture perfect world Aggravated existence Your life is meaningless Just pick up that shotgun Do what you know is best You can see your reflection beyond the mirror wall Through all your pain and anguish You can hear it call you! It's still so foul... the smell of humans... The foul smells of humans

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