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The Cleansing


Walking through the shapes of dread Bound to pledge this human shape Once straight, now lay crooked and still A hateful plan to end this pain
I find the strength in the darkest realms Underneath the horns I seek Where the path is always lit Lit by the morning star himself The way of my loathing Is lined with your thorns of Christ Never will forgive The veil of oppression will fall My hatred, rage and fury (Bestow!) Underneath the wings of satan We fly free, bestial dominance The arrival of the legions The cleansing has begun! Monoliths have fallen His throne has been overrun Blessed are you to witness When we wash them all away Your adversary (Once fallen) now alive to slay the dog Well wait for your arrival And well east them down Mucus of earth suffocate us We wash it all away! The fifth of Christ restrain us We wash it all away! Dog and the holy hoax We wash it all away! The blessed and trinity
We wash it all away! The brooding has come to it's end Time has action in it's hands Gods chosen one has failed All washed down the drain

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