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Into The Cold


And it dies with you, fades like old paint.
Peels off like humid and dead skin, a new journey begins.
The phase of the first change has come... hard marble touch my face.
My shepherd is the Devil... I walk with him into the cold ... forever.]

In here, the circle is compelte... cold place of him, again - Impamiiz
A never setting moon, always here, always in... lurking down below
I am Magus Impamiiz Graa, enchanted one of me, I am the Lord of his
house of flesh, his heart and eyes to see
We are entwined in the nerves of all
We are the rays if Igraa, Impamiiz
Cold space of him... the second one
(I am the) First gate to all and none

I am the robe in which he walks to thread the path of doom
I am the core of all beliefs, master Satan we are all here!
Magic, vigorous, splendour Impamiiz
I am now the face of the demon lord
Potent, ruler, majestic, master
We will walk with the Devil into the cold... forever
Robber of sleep I know you too well
Senders of the rays from the circular cold place
A secret place, my own place
Undisturbed and undetected - The cold palace...

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