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In The Gallows


I want to be what their eyes can't see I sweep their minds just to recollect Abandon souls in a rotten tree In the gallows hangs their god I am the demon made in flesh Just as vulnerable as them A thousand screams but just one soul Assimilate us all
Enlighten us in our path Show us your guidance Bestow us in our exposure Be here with us angels of the devil Bastard saints, legion Uncloeaked, naked against (your) destiny Cast your robe, I've lit the flame The meaning of the words, I summon thee Turn your back on Yahweh Oppressing you, eternally Free that thought, I've lit the flame In the gallows Hangs your god... I call you all to witness this Upon this altar, fresh in mind Abominate the human shape Behold transformation I have robbed you of your time Infixed my words, sublime I'm in control of your mind In here, my world, right now!

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