Thorns pierce your eyes Clinging to the lie Every second of your agony - he died for you? Whores of the illusion Forced on built in just fresh from the factory Your guilt is none of ours the cross is yours to bear Your preachers preach (with) your kin in their knees Close your eyes shut your ears His salvation is all that you hear Your fathers preach throughout their screams Still fail to see gods glory is out of your reach Give our bread and so be blessed Thorns pulled out, your guilt relieved Confess your sins and wash your hands Then all is well in the promised lands Is turmoil - in the land of the free Havoc - in the land of the righteous The holy father inside your son Close your eyes and let it be done
All in the name of salvation Justify the (holy) penetration Self inflicted, swarm the land Your fate is dying and so is your kind Wed be killing you off at a raging speed Well chew you up and spit you out Fail to see the rot The contradicting faith Turn your check the other way Say you prayers and hope for god? Fail to see the rot The unrelenting truth
Confess your sins and pray Then all is well another day?

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