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Entangled In Thorns


I dissent... Our goals are different. The journey not the same, I'll close you down.
Dead. Digressing... yet another recognition.
Floating back on those oceans of dust... back to those memory-shores.
Ab ovo! Rewind into... A fragmented vision of a birth... once ... beyond time.
As I was falling down... stuck in the mud, entwined inside.
Where are the voices of reason?]

Engaged in a void
Entangled in thorns
Life is strapping me down to the floor
I'm gasping for air
I try to get free
Or magus Impamiiz will never be
Nail driven mind bursting with hate
Untangle myself, and to roam is my fate
Open the door, race for the soul
I'm back in command, I'm taking control
Liquid Satan you burn with me
Through him I am free
Will not stop, I don't care
Just through him as I live again

I can not cope with human behaviour
So, I cope with those from within
Odd figures within its dreadful storm
Brought to me by those from beyond
Those creatures in the walls...
Those creatures in the walls!!
Just through him I live...
Just through him I live again...
(In the) Shape of the coming god
I'm stuck in here
Sign of power you give to me

Bring me... Bring me... Bring me to your glory... Father!
Voices of reason, and so I am free
A life without Satan, I know it can't be!

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