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Doubt Denied


Again, silence. Forsaken. Outside the window the world remains the same.
A mouth - fucked race. Fear - fed parasites.
You despise a fool. Still hate the self achiever, just another agent of the method of the 'True' believer.
You bear the mask of guilt.
Another principle of your existence.
An everlasting race for grace, and you forget who you are.
You are an abortion!]

In god you trust
Another nation takes the fix
Holy fathers prophecy
And their holy bag of tricks
Down on your knees, and you beg for salvation
Another need made up just to think without a reason
You learn to love a god without doubt
Idiocy checks in, and brains check out
Doubt is denied!
Ongoing quest for your holy land, no questions asked,
You just sit at command
Your shepherds, they feed on the fear of God
So snared by fables, you kill your own kind... aeons later, but still
you're so blind

The fear is fed
Your mouth open wide
You're all part of the sickness
The cyst just grow
Is this your freedom?
Just bow, just bow
You are denied
Down on you knees
Turned your hurt into a halo
Doped on fear, guilt and god
Who is this spook celestial fraud?
Satan's to blame for all your wrongs!?
And God is praised in your beloved songs!?
What a hoax... as you now realize

Turned away from all that was ugly
You saw only the light
But the dissemble line is now rolling
Idiocy proved it's right
Turned your sorrow into a servant
Your hurt to a halo

Mass exodus, driven by the Judas goat
The abattoir awaits!
There is no light in the end of the tunnel
Only your self-inflicted pain
Abandoned, aborted, denied
Alone, and left to die!

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