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Breathing The Black Dust


["Expelled, but never again in this body I will hold", was his words as he breathed on my lump of a soul.
From the plains of anger he has come, still hosting the virus from the thick sludge.
The black dust, robber of the soul, killer of the spirit.]

No lust
No will
I vomit the soul
Regurgitate the spirits here
Empty shells, the hammer click
So, I reload and try again... again
In the mud, and down the drain
I spew the crippled out
I inhale and I reject
I reload and I try again
I can not cope, I do not see... the voices never stop
I don't feel, I've got no lust, I'll carve you out of me
There is a silhouette on the horizon
Circles and points of view
There is something wrong and vile inside
Satan, guide this bullet right!

Houses of humans flicker by
Satations on the fucking line
Fast-forward and flat
Chuckle, cackle and crack
Eyes are bulging in the head
Feelings unreal and spirits dead
No meaning to it all
Hear them calling...
Depraved, Deranged, Depraved
I breathe the black dust deep inside
I must transform again
Another angle to this life
It just consumes me
Border walking every hour
I've seen it coming
No lust, no will, no life
Isolation is complete

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