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A Ravenous Discharge


The codeine kicks in. I can't keep awake.
Charon, here are two coins to carry me across.
I sacrifice dirty blood and swallow the spirit of God.
I'm peering at the surface. It's gorging on me, gnashing my skin.
Falling down... time to depart. A created mistake to justify a need for depression.
Over my soul - seape a silent discharge of regrets.
The water ripples... you of no repent, here I come.
I execrate my vision here... The water is warm and I'm dozing off, bashed...]

[note: "Självmord" is Swedish for 'Suicide']

- Självmord!
Euphoric state of abnormality
I reject the spectra of my past
Master Satan evoke my decay
Legions inside the ill-natured
Deny creation and be the one with the horned
Innocence lost when in contact with God
A bleak reality, false conception
The pain will persist until death takes me home

Life is numbered by every regret
Conception getting blurry
Interwoven in dreams of death
Of self-accusation and hate
Sterilize myself from the others
Awake my self-acceptance
I am what I am no knife can change that
The water is cold. Awake... Alive!
With a ravenous discharge
A ravenous discharge...

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