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    Here comes the train
    Here comes the train!
    Here comes the train
    Here comes the train!

    All aboard, motherfucka, where you headed out there?
    We the tunnel rats riding without no care
    We big as hell and we fast now cow catch a run front
    Cause we push through the world and we hitting shit blunt
    We the night train traveling through the under layer
    And we lotus, we grow in the dark without a prayer
    And we out there, come holla, we'll be here tomorrow
    We aimed up and made noises in the dark like Amala
    I'm like (Eric!) send the cops over here double time
    I got a head inside a pillowcase I'm banging on a stop sign (Psh)
    Motherfucka, say hello to these tunnel runners
    We coming for you, gunning and stunning, and rep for many others
    Swario Atilishiki taught us to stab
    In my city get your titties and ass a first grab
    Hang on cause the train be hitting many corners fast
    Jump off, we move on and we forget your ass

    Take me through the underground
    Take me through the underground
    I don't want no sun.
    I don't want; I don't want sunlight no more
    Bury me deep underground.
    Bury me deep deep underground
    Let me tunnel run.
    Wanna be a tunnel runner, do ya wanna?

    We a train like a motherfucka long with no end
    They lead the witches everywhere, but leaving ain't my friend
    We see the train coming, richies running, locking they doors
    But they be tripping when the bullets clipping, ripping through the walls
    I gets' wicked like wonka, if you kill me I'll haunt ya
    And trap ya, wake Blaze up from the dead to bitch slap ya
    I lay in my bed, shoot Roman Candles at the ceiling
    I like the fire that rains, and I can't explain the feeling
    I know that I'm alone, but this train is packed
    With people just like me that don't know where the fuck we at
    But this the only format that we fitting, that's it
    Night train coming through with that wicked shit.
    I don't care about the dame that's tied up to the tracks.
    Or stalled out cars, we sawing all o' that in half.
    And don't miss it cause it ain't another train like this.
    So just ride, and don't waste the Whiz. (Shh)

    All aboard.
    If you think you can hang
    For wicked shit, this is your train
    All aboard
    Ain't shit out there the same
    For wicked shit, this is your train

    (Anybody Killa)
    Ya heard my homie Violent J, bitch.
    Step right up, come on in
    Let me see your life begin.
    Take a ride on this night train, psycho status.
    Must be this tall to ride, cause it's one of the fastest
    Hold tight, don't fall, where'd you get that ticket?
    The bitch bus left, and I think you missed it
    You know the drill, back to the caboose
    To shovel coal until you decide which path to choose
    We ain't never gonna stop, it's just too much fun
    We got everything we need, nothing has to be brung
    Boxcars full of dreams, schemes and thoughts
    Money making millionaires that were street smart taught
    Look out the window, stare into the eyes
    Of all the people watching us float right by
    Get out the way, coming through, put your penny on the track
    What you see is what you get, some happy traveling rats

    All aboard.
    If you think you can hang
    For wicked shit, this is your train
    (Hehehe, hey!)
    All aboard.
    Ain't shit out there the same.
    (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
    For wicked shit, this is your train.
    (Bwoop Bwoop Bwoop)
    All aboard.
    If you think you can hang.
    (From here to outer space)
    For wicked shit, this is your train.
    (Neptune, bitch!)
    All aboard.
    Ain't shit out there the same.
    (Chick, what!?)
    For wicked shit, this is your train.

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