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    Going trick or treating in my murder cloak
    Going trick or treating in my murder cloak

    (Shaggy 2 dope)
    I woke up and don't remember falling asleep
    I feel the same wicked hungers calling from deep
    They tell me to hunt devils in they robes and slippers
    Take some bolt clippers, a black cloak, and scissors
    Now I'm standing in the backyard, final regret
    Steady sweating, once I do this ain't no forgetting
    Enter through the back door everybody's asleep
    I see they tidy and neat, I'm bout to bloody the sheets
    Its gonna be a blood splatter expert feel day
    Because I'm killing today to take this feeling away
    They told me you people are here to ruin our cause
    And mine's screwing your jaws, you're gonna have to repaint the walls
    And its a hunger and I'm hungry like I'm homeless and its Thanksgiving
    Thank you for the sacrafice Your life is what you're giving
    No forgiving me, you hate the homicidal insane
    You hating nothing with these scissors in your brain
    Now watch your eyes bleed

    Its the sickness slide
    Can't stop myself
    I need some help
    And when nobody left I'm killing myself
    Its the sickness slide
    Can't stop myself
    I need some help
    And when nobody left I'm killing myself

    (Violent J)
    Sometimes I wear my murder cloak and tune into the news
    I like to watch they speculation cause they always assume
    They got a shoeprint, big deal when I been burned the pair
    When them fucking stupid piggies gonna learn out there?
    I tied a bitch up, I had to duct tape the bitch face
    I threw in the trunk, got home and found a suffercated waste
    I had to cut the bitch up, just went to shut the bitch up
    I never fucked that ho, they said I did, man, she was a slut
    I'm sick and tired of they lies thus everybody dies
    Break into some homes I take a spoon and bloody eyes
    I'm nutty guys. But you can't see the darkness I do
    Maybe I'm heartless, Its true, But every part is cause you
    My daddy beat me with a seven iron and then brought home a hooker
    My daddy beat her with a shovel threw her in the cooker
    Next day, I hate to say it but you know what happened next
    He served my plate and in the meat I found a Kotex
    Oh my God.

    Its the sickness slide
    Can't stop myself
    I need some help
    And when nobody left I'm killing myself
    Its the sickness slide
    Can't stop myself
    I need some help
    And when nobody left I'm killing myself

    A time to don a murder cloak and murder folks
    Join us as we freefall backwards into the depths

    (Anybody Killa)
    My murder cloak drags down way past the ground
    And it makes me want to take the life of anyone around
    So be aware of the killer dressed in all black on Halloween
    Face of revenge coming back back for past things
    Fires on the 30th, Murdering the 31st
    Long heavy robe that I've had since birth
    Looking like the next generation of Darth Vadar
    Hatchet in my hand so I can swing at all the haters
    Fuck it. Whoever's breathing, its time to take your last breath
    Cause Hallowicked murdering massacre is all thats left
    Try trick or treating on the streets in my neighborhood
    We'll pack your whole family's stomach with goods
    Putting fear in the eye of a blind man walking by
    Cause he can see for the first time in his life
    After thatHhalloween you better know
    Murder Cloak, beware.

    Life is so cold
    Life is so mean
    Just let me sleep until next Halloween

    (Wicked Hallowicked Ya'll)

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