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Who Goes There

Ini Kamoze

Who goes there
Compitition in fear
Put ya hands in the air

Tra la la la here comes the out law
Crazy raw the Guru from Gangstarr
Stepping in kinda harder this year
Styles explode to blow the spot up in here
Come follow me
Lemme take you there to another place
where nott'n compare
Got what ya need get ya what ya want
Nobody front no tricks no stunt
Gimme da blunt
While I be loungin' on da side
Known for puff'n l's and banging beats in ma ride
And sett'n flows off while mcs show off
I'll be buss'n moves
So I can get some dough off
And parlaying in the corner with the hienie
Right now I'm building with ma bredren know as iNi
I'm the title taker earth shaker
spine breaker
Lighting up the streets from the US to Jamaica

Who goes there Jamaican
Uh huh from where Jamaican
Competition in fear Jamaican
Put ya hands in the air

Life is a beach
You can keep ya speach
Never hang ma hat where I know I can't reach
Don't leach I call harder they come is the harder they fall that's all
Simply the best even under stress
Guess what I mean is no guy test
How ya rest won't give ya more to receive your less

Who goes there...

Don't ya know you can't test
My cardiovascular flex will arrest
Mcs who violate the code
Like rejects they have go back then reload
And by the time they get more
Ammo it's all she wrote another burial and so you can quote
Never deny the higher power
I'm like extreme light waves growing stronger by the hour

Who goes there...

Ssst I'm good to go
Mo' cocomo than da Beach Boys know
Wha'd'ya know
Listen to ma drum
Ya ho ya ho and a bottle of rum
Gimme some
Who goes there
Don't be fakin'
Jack talkin' bull****
My mike's like a full clip
I'll be on some next s***
Rhyme perfection injecting like the doctor with the cure
Cure like the water that is holy catch my vapor

Who goes there...

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