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Let's Go Crazy


Monuments & Melodies

dearly beloved ..
we are gathered here today
to get through this thing called LIFE.
electric word "life", it means forever
and that's a mighty long time
but I'm here to tell you
there's something else .. the afterworld
a world of never ending happiness
you can always see the sun, day or night.
so when u call up that shrink in Beverly Hills --
you know the one .. dr. everything'll be alright.
`stead of asking him how much of you're time is left
ask him how much of you're mind, baby
`cause in this life things are much harder than in the afterworld
in this life you're on your own !
and if the elevator tries to bring u down
go crazy .. punch a higher floor !

If you don't like the world you're living in
take a look around you, at least you got friends.
I called my old lady for a friendly word
she just picked up the phone .. dropped it on the floor
"ssss ahh, sss ahh !" is all I heard.

chorus :
I'm not gonna let the elevator bring us down
oh no, let's go .. let's go crazy !
let's get nuts
let's look for the purple banana `til they put us in the truck
let's go !

all excited, don't know why
maybe it's `cause we're all gonna die
and when we do, what's it all for?
better live now, before the grim reaper comes knocking on your door
tell me baby ..
are we gonna let the elevator bring us down?

( chorus x's 2 )

dr. everything'll be alright ..
make everything go wrong.
pills and thrills and daffodils will kill
hang tough children ..
he's coming .. he's coming .. he's coming !

Composição: Prince cover

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