Black Wedding

In This Moment


Priest are you there?
Can you hear my voice?
Do you hear my prayers?
Are you out there?
Forgive me priest
For I have sinned (I know not what I do)
Mother I am here, I can hear your song
I can feel your fear, he's done you wrong
Temptation fed, his own desires
In the ring of fire

I would've loved you for a thousand years
I would've died for you
I would've sacrificed it all my dear
I would've bled for you
'Til death do us part
You were unholy right from the start
It's a nice night for a black wedding
Yeah it's a nice night for a black wedding

I heard your crying and I just knew
I never meant to forsake you
Mother there's no reason to repent
(You know not what you do)
I heard the bells and I just knew
An angel once, now a ghost of you
Deliver me from my own desires
From my ring of fire

Compositor: Scott Stevens, Billy Idol, Kevin Churko, Chris Howorth & Maria Brink

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