The End

In Fear and Faith

Hold Strong, come from behind. Take them down.
Replace fear with pride, hold your ground.
As I run from all that’s left, I can feel I’ve reached the end.
As my feet sink into the floor, my arms won’t fail me now.
And my tongue won’t taste the sand.
The winds won’t hold me down.
I will stay alive, now we are reaching the end.
Don’t look back there is nothing left.
But this is why we run, run.
From the flood behind the walls, I won’t drown.
This is not my fault, but this is why we run, run.
From the lives we left behind.
I’m tired of running away.
Let’s show them what we’re made of.
We are the fall. Led astray.
Born into this life to run away.
We’ve had enough, this is our day. To be the ones who stayed.
Let me go as I am. I will never sell my soul.
We chose the hard road; we fight alone to save our name.
Just remember you are the ones to blame.

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