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United Scars Anthem


So what a puzzle do you preach
That you are ready to strike
What for guidelines have you made
To call you "the well-earned saint"
A "stars and stripes messiah" demand
Some "hollywood" politics to reach the end


What a blame what a shame
Turned the world into a flame
A money game goes insane
A generation drowned in pain

The point of no return
A wicked soul will burn
Signed to cry of dismay
The 3rd takes all of us away!!!!

Buried civilizations by the "U.S. bomb king"
An ironic way to let freedom ring
One leader a thousand slaves
For every throne one million graves
Always wanting always taking
What was never yours
Frozen optics by a machine generation
Politics and corruption has become one



"I want you"
Vv a play on words- or words on play?
Uncle sam sucks our money away
A corruption by the industry?
No way out............ we will never be free



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