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Grim and Dark


Northern Chaos Gods

Far above the ravengate
The spreaded wings of Blashyrkh wait
Into the realm beyond the sun
Blackened mountains on my ride
Cold is the realm, dark is the realm
Grim is my call
Nocturnal kingdom on the rise

Blackest wraiths on they stride
Lurk beneath the frosted sky
In my eyes the whirling snow
And the dead and frozen ground

Unwhite, blackened earth
Winterized, the Blashyrkh sons
Phantom frosted, glowing ice
Death beneath the burning light

Mighty realm of wind and snow
Where I reign the tyrants throne
Snowy mountains hear my call
In this realm I am the one
Enemy of all, grim is my call
Blackened demonic god
In my eternal kingdom cold

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