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Y Dont U Come Home

Ike Turner

Everybody's askin' where you are
And the truth is i cannot lie
When you drove off in your best friend's car
I was sure you'd be back that night
Well i used to count the days
When i thought it was a phase
But i'm freakin' out alone
And i want to know
Y don't u come home?

Everybody's wonderin' where you been
And it's hard just to justify
You're horizontal at the drop of a hint
And i give up on askin' why
While i'm medicatin' here
Nursing someone else's beer
I keep listening for the phone
And i want to know
Y don't u come home?

You've been running since i said i love you
Afraid to admit you're scared
So a stranger takes a turn above you
And nobody has to care
But i keep on trying
Why don't you come

I need advice so i go to see the wise man
Wanna talk it out but you're givin' me the heisman
Kept at arm's length, buildin' my strength
It's all about the stamina and not the size man
Cosmo, glamour, and tissues
Reading up on your unresolved back issues
Could it be your father? could it be your mother?
It could be any of your insignificant others
So whatdoigotstodo?
You play the flute too!
And when i come to think of it i only see you
But any way you slice it, it's a catch-22

There's a ringing in my ear
Maybe i don't wanna hear
The truth from your twilight zone
I just wanna know
Y don't u come home

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