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I Thought You Knew

Ike Turner

On the inside
I keep it to myself
On the outside
Got a poker face from hell
Well i haven't cried
For a long, long time
And i must admit it scares me
Did i finally learn
How to deal with you
Or did i shut down

And maybe it was just in my head
And everything that i left unsaid
Was a strange assumption
I could've sworn was true
'cause i thought you knew

If an action
Doesn't scream a thousand words
Your reaction
Is to die a thousand deaths
And i drive and drive
With my side-view eye
But i guess it just got lazy
We were so much closer than we appeared
Or maybe i was crazy

But i know i'm gonna lose control
And i might beg you to save my soul
From my own reflection
I never could see through
'cause i thought you knew
I thought you knew

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