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Til Wrong Feels Right

Iggy Pop

Skull Ring

Iggy Pop - 'Til Wrong Feels Right

I took a poundin'
From the radio today
I heard the radio say
Some piece o' shit
Was the sound of today

I took a beatin'
When I saw my TV play
I saw my TV play it over and over
And there was no escape

The box is hollow
And that riff is fuckin' dead
That riff is fuckin' dead
But the riff is poundin'
In my fuckin' head

They're gonna push it
Until false is true
Until day is night
They're gonna push it baby
Until wrong feels right
Until wrong feels right

It's a big industry
And they can beat my brains
With houses, cars and shame
They're insane
But they can beat my brains

God an' his captain
They wanna pull the fuckin' plug
Pull the fuckin' plug
And give they skies back to
The birds and buys

Compositor: Iggy Pop (solo)

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