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Drop That (Feat. Problem)

Iggy Azalea

Ignorant Art


Drop it, drop it, drop it, drop it
My bitches get it, drop it
I see you on that pole work that shit
I pay for college
Supporting you
I rain on you
Now drop it like it's hottest
Benji Benji Benjamin
Ma, that's the only topic
Rock, make it rock, uh
Girl, bounce that ass
Pop it, girl, don't stop it
This Drugs, we got cash
I wanna see that ass go
Speed it up, now go slow
Ass slow, ass slow
Money pile, over flow
Baby got the fattest ass
I ain't gay, so, problem is I'll have to pass
Make it clap so after I can take a bath
Hurricane, and you're stormin up the place now

Drop it, drop it, drop it
Bitch I want it
Bitch I run it
They don't want it
I got racks a huneds huneds
Uh booty got the weave
3d got the creeze
Peezy got a thousand 50's in bugati keys
Do what we ease
We drop it like autumn leaves
We drop it and then we leave
Broke bitch, please
Give me a stack of these
Cash money like little weeze
Joey got em flockin, they swingin all on my these
Nuts right in ya mouth, ho
Keep talking, I got something for your mouth, ho
Where's your man? I show him where his mouth go
Drop that bitches
Listen how the hook go
I'm like damn damn damn
Iggy Iggy do you see that ho?
Bet she ? bet she ? bet she can't do that on problems stripping pole
Den I try to climb it
It's a giant in a snicker bar
Diamonds twinkle twinkle
You never hard as me
That white girl
And I don't mean Iggy
I'm on a war path
So you better run, son
And I don't mean Iggy
You should be good for one night
At least


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