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100 (feat. Watch the Duck)

Iggy Azalea

The New Classic

Girl, you keep it 100, 100, 100 when you're around me
Girl, when you come around

Time to keep it 100, I'm a boss chick but he run it
No Michael Kors just Tom Ford
Saint Tropez, I'm like bonjour
In Spain wearing that Balmain, Lanvin, Givenchy
On the top floor of that penthouse
I got ten toes in that concrete
Keep it G with the lot, ain't gotta lie about shit
I don't need your money, I Can Buy My Shit
Heard in the streets that he fucked that bitch
He know I'll put his ass out my shit
Paid one million for that drop six
And he got the Glock in my cockpit
Them other chick you get caught with
I'm the bitch he gonna Rock With
They talk shit but we 'bout shit
Fly as we're on golf shit
When we need to be, where we need to be
Until I'm gone ain't no thing to me
Gotta hit that, bang, bring that back
Let me thumb through the check if you wanna get sexy
You knew I was High Player ass when you met me
My money talk to every of y'all
Got to know shorty is so fashion
I'm a Fancy Bitch but I'm retched
All other bitch you had ain't never had shit
Respect that, I won't come around, no run around
You better hummer down
And the game's aim, gonna play none
Been A1 since day one

You ain't the type of lady that's known to fuck around
Keep your mind on your money
and you ain't looking to settle down
Girl, you keep it 100, 100, 100 when you're around me
Girl, you keep it 100, 100, 100 when you're around me
Girl, when you come around

Bankrolls'r'us, we got it
You know how we ride
No credit, no debit, no thanks
My clique pay cash everything we buy
See me walking by with my nose in the sky
Make you be like "Damn bitch, can't say hi? "
Then I hop in the drop and wave goodbye
As I drive through the tunnel looking like Lady Di
Why stress myself when he ain't there?
Let's see how he likes seeing me out there
You know how many dudes want me out there?
Just stop thinking about it
You got no idea
Don't try me man, you know I will
Throw this brick through your wind shield
Knife your nice new Rover Wheel
That fireplace? Your clothes in there
If I know you two in there
No asking what you doing there
Imma send my crew in there
You two gonna be ruined there
You violate, I demonstrate
Especially if I'm true to you
And when I come around I keep it 100 as usual

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