I Hate You

If/Then (Musical)

I hate you. I hate you
I love you. I hate you
Don't do it. I need you
Forget it. I know you
My God. How I hate you

Don't leave me. I love you
Don't say that you love me
Cause what does it matter
You're going to leave me
So, leave me. Whatever
It's not like I need you
I need you; don't leave me

You know I'm not selfish
But me me me, I I I
I need you to stay

In my life, I haven't made that many promises
Just one to them and one to you
And you know me like no one has known me before
And so you know what I have to do
And no matter what you say, you want me to

Let's look at his calmly
Discuss how I hate you
The ways that you've hurt me
Though really you haven't
You're clearly about to
Don't touch me. I hate you

Just leave us, whatever
We'll get on without you
I'm tough and resourceful
I'm steady and sturdy
And freaking the fuck out

I love you, I hate you
So screw you; you're making me crazy
So go
Wait, no

In my life, I always said I don't need anyone
I like our life and I love you
And, I swore that I'd love, without wanting or needing you
But, it's too late; I need you too

You're the reason I think this life not be meaningless
You're my North Star, my path to grace
You're my single best decision
In a life of many awful ones
My one big yes, my one embrace
With you I never feel I'm out of place

Dammit, you did it
I knew you would do it
You asshole, I hate you
I totally blame you
And, really, how could you
I hate you, I hate you
I hate that I hate you
I hate that I love you
I love you
I... loved you
I loved you
I lost you; I hate you
How can you?
You asshole, your motherfucker

Compositor: Tom Kitt

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